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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes , please Email us or go to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Yes, part your hair into a large U shape then clip on; it’s very easy to wear as hair up for thickness and length.

3 or more pieces will look best for shoulder length, it will give enough thickness for natural or Bombshell looks.

They usually last approximately 6-8 weeks depending upon the aftercare.

Yes, start the brush from the end of the extension, then gradually work your way up the length. Use a paddle brush or tangle teezer for best results.

Yes, using regular hair scissors you may cut them to any length you like.

Yes, Miss20 synthetic hair extensions can take heat up to 180C, so any straightener below 180c will work well on the hair; the best way to curl is with heater roller.

Lay on a flat surface to dry either naturally or use a hair dryer with cold air selected.

Yes, the hair extension can be wash with cold water and using mild shampoo or a small amount of softener.

Yes , it’s fibre hair so it takes hair spray or colour sprays.

Match your own length or choose an option that is 2-4 inches longer for more natural looks, longer than 4” is more for day events or evening parties.

We have colour chart images on each page and a colour matching service. If you are not sure what colour to choose then please feel free to contact our colour help team, we have big range of colours in stock such as black, brown, blonde, red and ombre etc.

The extensions come in sets of 2 or 5 clip-in pieces; part your hair across head, pop open the clips and slide the extensions into the hair then pop closed to secure the clips in your hair. Let you hair down and brush carefully to blend with your hair.

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